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Local Spotlight: Iza Redon and La Cuizine

Nov 17, 2010 #Clifton #Iza Redon #La Cuizine
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“I wanted to combine my teaching experience – teaching French to adults since 2005 – my knowledge of food, communicate my love of cooking and food and also be self-employed again” says French chef Iza Redon of her reasons for setting up La Cuizine. Founded in November 2007, the Clifton-based company offer bespoke lessons, group cooking parties and a range of cookery and French conversation workshops, tailored to meet individual requirements.

Iza’s love of food began from a young age: she explains that she was lucky enough to eat out regularly in classic French restaurants (and the odd Chinese!) thanks to her father’s love of dining. Some of her earliest food-related memories are those of special meals being cooked for dinner guests at her home, including oysters and classic French dishes such as entrecote with béarnaise sauce and cassoulet.

Her own culinary skills are completely self-taught: by observing, eating and cooking at home, she built up the knowledge and the interest that led to her working in her mother’s restaurant from a relatively young age, before moving to London, then Italy, and running her own restaurant in Amsterdam.

The La Cuizine website gives an indication of what to expect from Iza’s lessons, namely…

• Hands-on cooking

• An informal atmosphere

• Great food to taste

• Helpful tips and ideas

• Email follow-up if you have forgotten some step of what you cooked

• Recipes on request

• And last but not least: lots of fun

Lessons are bespoke and tailored to fit the individual’s requirements and level, and can be on a one-to-one basis, with a friend, and in either Iza’s kitchen or your own. The standard format is a two and a half hour lesson, consisting of the preparation of a three course meal…and, of course, the eating of said meal at the end 🙂

For cookery classes with a twist, Iza also offers cooking parties: simply bring together a bunch of friends who can learn while they watch what’s being cooked, enjoy a glass (or more…!) of wine that is matched with what’s being cooked, and sit down to enjoy the results at the end.

Following the popularity of other Bristol supper clubs, Iza’s latest venture is a home restaurant of her own. Her reasons behind the decision are simple: “To have fun, share my love for French home food and conviviality, and to promote my cookery courses”. Her first foray into the world of supper clubs is this coming Saturday, November 20th, with the menu including French dishes such as a celeriac rémoulade salad with caramelised walnuts, and a venison Bourguignon. At only £24.50 (on a BYO basis) it sounds great value for money.

For more details of the home restaurant, click here. You can also be informed of future dates by emailing with the subject line “Distribution list Chez Iza”.

La Cuizine:


Telephone: 0117 376 3495, Mobile: 07768 253 384

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