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Clifton Deli opening Tuesday, May 10th…

May 9, 2011 #Clifton Deli
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Another new deli opening in Clifton this week: Clifton Deli will be opening at the top of Park Street on Tuesday, May 10th…

The deli will be housed in the building at the top of Park Street that was Munch Deli in its previous incarnation, and Carwardine’s Coffee Shop prior to that. It will be open for business at 7.30am on Tuesday, May 10th, according to a sign seen in the window this morning.

The poster reads: “Come in and see our great range of savoury and sweet products, also a selection of olives, local and continental meats, baguettes, sandwiches, hot and cold drinks and much more…”. They are also offering a free bottle of water with every purchase as an opening offer, and you’ll also receive a leaflet for 20% off your next purchase.

On a stretch of road that’s already full of sandwich shops and cafes, I’m wishing them every success…

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5 thoughts on “Clifton Deli opening Tuesday, May 10th…”
  1. Hi Em
    Be interesting to see whether they try and source locally. I'm often surprised that, bar a few local cheeses, most deli's just don't make the effort, and just take whatever their particular distributor has on the van – especially when it comes to Charcuterie. Such a shame when we have so many great producers locally!

    1. Completely agree! I'm planning on having a wander over there tomorrow morning, so I'll update the blog post when I have more info…they do mention local produce in there, but whether it's just a token gesture rather than multiple lines, I have no idea…

  2. How many more people will try to succeed at this site? I'm flabbergasted that people think they can do any better than the previous two businesses who failed. And wasn't this site also in the hands of Say Pasta for less than a year? It's jinxed I tell you!

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