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DealViewer: Brand new Bristol deals site with a difference…

Sep 20, 2011 #DealViewer #rupsha
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Groupon, KGB Deals, Living Social, Oooh Ducky…there are plenty of deals websites out there now, promising users large discounts on their purchases. If you’re a fan of these sites then it’s worth checking out brand new Bristol food and drink deals site DealViewer , which has been launched “to provide a better deal to restaurants and consumers alike”…

DealViewer works in a different way to other such sites. Rather than charging a venue commission to host a deal on the site, users can buy each voucher that is available for the small sum of £1. They then print the voucher, take it to the restaurant and pay the restaurant directly…which hopefully means that businesses that are unwilling to sacrifice so much of their revenue to commission will consider taking part, meaning that a more diverse range of options will be available. And with independent reviews from local reviewers, you’ll know what to expect before buying.

The first deal available is a great offer from newish Indian restaurant Rupsha in Clifton Village. Spending just £1 on their deal will get you a voucher entitling you to £10 off a £30 total spend – including drinks.

Martin from DealViewer provides more information about the background to the site and what users can expect…

“There has been a fair uptake of restaurants giving online deals a go over the last couple of years with the rise of Groupon and LivingSocial. However, not all restaurants are prepared to sacrifice up to 50% commission, which means that a very small percentage of restaurants actually consider using daily deals.

There is a belief that some deal websites are not transparent enough, opting for sales talk rather than quality editorial which, in some cases, has left customers not entirely satisfied with their deal. There has also been a rise in consumers doing their research before choosing a restaurant, with review websites being an ever increasing consideration when people choose to eat out.

I really enjoy eating out and wanted to offer something new to foodies in Bristol, so DealViewer has been launched to provide a better deal to restaurants and consumers alike. It’s an independent site based in Bristol, working with businesses and reviewers to create a niche voucher and review website for restaurants.

DealViewer does not take high commission from restaurants, instead working with them to provide a deal that helps their business. The site features independent reviews from local bloggers to help consumers and I select restaurants based on their online reviews. It costs nothing to be featured, so hopefully DealViewer will build into a really diverse resource.

Attracting better restaurants and those “hidden gems” is the main aim. Take Rupsha in Clifton Village, for example. It’s only recently opened, but is getting fantastic reviews. I’m really pleased to have them on board because they’re doing great things and I want more people to give them a go and find out for themselves.

Hopefully the site will introduce a new restaurant every week with independent reviews, a business insight with the owner or manager of the restaurant to give some background to consumers, and maybe even some featured recipes along the way.

It’s a great concept, and one that I’m hoping will attract a great deal of interest throughout Bristol. I also like the fact that users of the site can comment underneath each deal, giving a public forum for feedback on each of the listed deals. The Rupsha voucher expires in early October, so make sure you sign up and buy before time runs out!

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