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Dynasty launches new “Taste Of Home” menu for March

Feb 29, 2012 #Dynasty #Suzanna Ho
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Voted as one of the top five in the UK by The Observer & Guardian, Bristol’s Dynasty Chinese Restaurant is celebrating the month of March with a ‘taste from home’ menu. The menu specialises in North-Eastern and Central regional cuisine in addition to its usual Cantonese fare. Chefs at Dynasty have crafted this unique menu to offer Chinese students and residents in Bristol a flavour of the traditional dishes they may be missing from the North-East and Sichuan (central) regions. Already known for its high quality dishes, the restaurant has devised a March menu that brings together a selection of the best alternative regional plates.

Each item featured on the twelve-dish must-try menu represents a traditional dish based on traditional specialities. Items from the chilli-loving Sichuan region include gently braised pork with tangy pickled cabbage and flash cooked king prawns with pickled chillies. From the North-East, the menu offers dong Bei Pork with Chive dumplings and braised ‘Three Earths’ (a combination of potatoes, eggplant and peppers, the only vegetables able to grow in the arid, cold Northern region of China).

Other tempting dishes include Dong Bei noodles with a succulent pork sauce, light and crispy fish with a sweet and sour sauce and Guan Dong Zhu, a spicy pot of mixed meats.

Owner, Suzanna Ho, explained the concept behind the menu:
“We wanted to create a special range of dishes to provide my ancestors’ children with the option of regional Chinese cuisine specialities. It is important that there is an authentic, native food offering when the Chinese come to live and study in Bristol, as well as providing the chance for others to try something new, unique and delicious – each dish is memorable and different.” She continued, “We have also worked hard to keep prices reasonable, giving cash-strapped students a chance to sample the menu’s offerings.”

Bristol University is a popular choice for Chinese students, which has given rise to an increase in the availability of Chinese cuisine from specialist supermarkets to restaurants such as Dynasty. Law student David Kunglin, 24, is looking forward to the new menu. “Dynasty is my favourite Chinese restaurant in Bristol, the authentic food always reminds me of home and it’s a treat for us Asian students to have meals together”.

Bristol is twinned with Guangzhou in China. Numbers of students from Guangzhou’s six universities studying at both UWE and Bristol University are continually increasing.

Having lived in Bristol for the last twelve years, Chinese businessman, Chak Hong (Director of Computer Network Global), adds “It is great that Dynasty is offering Chinese regional speciality dishes. It is rare that these dishes are available in British Chinese restaurants and it is great for my family and I to be able to get a true reminder of our native cuisine”.

Dynasty’s special menu can be enjoyed throughout March and diners are actively encouraged to indulge and enjoy!

The full menu can be seen by clicking here.


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