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Pipers Farm Meat Box: Review

Nov 27, 2012 #Exeter #Pipers Farm
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I’m well aware that it’s not been a particularly great year weather-wise…but we still found the time to have a few barbecues this “summer”. I haven’t been brave enough to join friends who have, in the last few months, decided to BBQ under a gazebo in a friend’s garden in the rain (yes, they’re insane…), but I attended a previous gathering at his, armed with chicken and grilling steaks courtesy of Pipers Farm.

Although based in Exeter, the award-winning Pipers Farm deliver meat boxes to Bristol residents on a fortnightly basis. Deliveries are made every other Thursday, and are free of charge providing you spend £30 or more. You can select from a wide range of meats – including beef, chicken, pork, lamb, venison and more – and they also provide a range of meat boxes and ready meals – and you’ll find, by clicking this link, that (at the time of writing) there is a 10% offer for your first order.

Those following a gluten free diet can also choose from a range of gluten free burgers, sausages and ready meal options.

I was lucky enough to receive a trial box from Pipers Farm, delivered to my office and packaged in a box lined with Woolcool packaging – a 100% natural insulation made from sheep’s wool which kept the frozen items frozen until I managed to take them home after work. I’ve since seen a few other companies using this packaging – it really does work, and it’s eco-friendly to boot.

Items such as chicken breasts and steaks were all individually packaged and frozen, meaning that I only needed to defrost what I needed each time – very useful in a one person household!

As I mentioned, I took the grilling steaks and the chicken breasts along to a barbecue, and both were very well received. We marinaded the grilling steaks, which cooked perfectly on the barbecue, and the chicken breasts were large and succulent.

I also received some beef mince (again in separately-frozen 250g packs), which we used in a chilli con carne, and which had a much greater depth of flavour than your standard supermarket meat.

Pipers also offer “ready meals”, and the individually packed stuffed chicken breasts and diced chicken stir fry that I received – although frozen – tasted fresh and again, far superior to supermarket meat.

Although I received the box a little while ago now, Pipers are back on my agenda as Christmas draws ever closer. Their Christmas range is available to order right up until December 21st, and provides a range of options no matter how many you are catering for.

Choose from whole turkeys, turkey joints and turkey steaks…or order a goose or another roasting joint if you want something a little different. You can also order your Christmas ham, alongside extras such as cocktail sausages, turkey stock and stuffing.

I’m eyeing up their boned rolled & stuffed turkey pack, containing bronze turkey meat stuffed with their apricot and hazelnut stuffing, with a free packet of cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon and a free pot of turkey stock.

While Pipers may be more expensive than the meat you’ll see in the supermarkets, it’s well worth the money. Not only do you know where the meat has come from, but the flavour and freshness far outweigh any more mass-produced offering. Definitely recommended.


Please note: this meat box was received free of charge, but in no way impacted on our opinion. We were not obliged to write a positive review, and the venue did not see this review before it was put up on the site.


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One thought on “Pipers Farm Meat Box: Review”
  1. so you were lucky enough to recieve a FREE box of meat from pipers farm
    i had to pay for mine.i ordered half shoulder of lamb, it looked nothing like the photo, no neck or back bone just cut verticle from top to bottom. so half of half of for the taste no flavour and
    tough it may have been mutton i dont know what i do know is i’ll never
    buy from pipers again i’ll stick to local butchers.

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