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meals.co.uk looking for new restaurant partners in Bristol and Bath

Aug 5, 2013 #meals.co.uk
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South West based meals.co.uk delivers food from top quality restaurants direct to customer’s homes, and is now looking for new restaurant partners in Bristol and Bath.

With the use of cutting edge technology at the core of the meals.co.uk proposition, the business, formerly known as FoodCouriers, has invested heavily in a sophisticated user-friendly website and delivery logistics which allow customers to place an order from their favourite restaurant and have it delivered direct to their door.

Working exclusively with selected quality restaurants who don’t already have a delivery service, meals.co.uk offers discerning customers an alternative to the traditional takeaway options.

Restaurants which are meals.co.uk partners are able to increase revenue and improve customer engagement without the overheads of having their own delivery staff and systems. Furthermore, meals.co.uk generates new customer orders for its restaurants through the marketing of its site and service, helping to expand its partners’ existing customer bases.

Recognising this opportunity, over twenty restaurants in Bristol have already signed up as meals.co.uk partners since it launched last September (2012).

Siam Harbourside, one of Bristol’s most popular high-end Thai restaurants, is one of the restaurants that has partnered with meals.co.uk.

“Like all restaurants in the current economy, keeping customers happy and loyal is more important than ever. We are delighted with our partnership with meals.co.uk to date as it means that our dine-in customers who would like to enjoy our cuisine at home once in a while can now have a delivery from us rather than having to come to the restaurant to collect.

“From a cost perspective, we’re not having to pay an hourly rate to a driver we may use only once or twice on a quieter night earlier in the week. This way, rather than not be able to offer our customers a home delivery on some nights of the week and risk losing their custom, and miss out on the value of the order, meals.co.uk takes care of all the hassle for us. Not to mention generating more orders for us than we’d get by ourselves,” said Andrew Leedham, co-owner, Siam Harbourside Thai Restaurant.

Due to its success to date and a recent round of funding, meals.co.uk is keen to extend the benefits of its service to top quality restaurants across Bristol and Bath. Financial backing has also enabled meals.co.uk to continue to build the technological capabilities of its service to provide the best possible experience for driver, customer and restaurant.

Dotun Olowoporoku, former UWE post-doc research fellow and meals.co.uk founder, explains; “We are already working with restaurants using an app which means they can accept an order on their mobile tablet from a customer who has ordered via the meals.co.uk site and automatically respond. Our aim is to add to this functionality by eventually allowing customers to do a whole raft of things such as vote for which dishes they want their favourite restaurants to cook that day.

“This is where engagement between restaurant and customer really comes in to its own and the benefits of being part of the meals.co.uk service becomes worth its weight in gold in terms of customer relationship building.”

Restaurants interested in the opportunity to partner with meals.co.uk should contact Dotun@meals.co.uk.

Please visit www.meals.co.uk for further information.


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