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New steak restaurant asks for vegetarian help

Steve Bowen of Steak Of The Art
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Steve Bowen of Steak Of The Art
Steve Bowen of Steak Of The Art


The owner of a new steak restaurant set to open on Bristol’s Harbourside later this year is calling for ideas on an appropriate dish to serve to vegetarian customers.

Steak of The Art will serve locally sourced meat and fish steaks alongside an art gallery that will showcase and sell quality affordable art and hold artistic exhibitions and events, but the owners want to ensure vegetarians are also catered for.

Classically trained chef and entrepreneur Steve Bowen, who is opening the restaurant after choosing to return to his family’s Bristol roots, said: “We want to keep things simple and have a basic menu of steaks and fish cooked in the pan or on the chargrill served with a selection of classic and seasonal sides. We are looking for a vegetarian dish or two that will fit in with the concept.”

“We have looked at vegetarian steaks and found plenty of bad ones out there – but maybe there is that special one hidden in somebody’s cookbook!

“In many steak restaurants there is little thought given to vegetarians. If possible, we would like to extend the grilled concept to those who don’t eat meat, so they can enjoy visiting the art gallery and some good food with their meat-eating friends.

“If you have some ideas of dishes we could serve that would fit in with our very simple style of cooking we would love to hear from you.

“We are aiming to be an art venue as well as a restaurant. It is a new concept for Bristol based on the simple steak restaurants of Paris and London, but set within an artistically inspired environment that one might find in Barcelona.”

The 4,000 square feet space is currently being converted and the restaurant is expected to open in late October. Anyone with ideas for suitable vegetarian ideas can contact the restaurant on Twitter @SteakArtBristol or via their Facebook page, and let them know your suggestion.



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