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The Burger Joint offers free meals to 400 diners at new Bedminster branch

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The Burger Joint


On 12 May The Burger Joint opens the doors of its new restaurant on North Street, Bedminster; preceded by a week of free meals. The owner, Dan Bekhradnia, explains, “It is nearly 5 years since we opened our first restaurant in Cotham Hill. We were unable to accommodate the steadily increasing demand in our original premises, and 18 months ago we moved to a larger restaurant on Whiteladies Road. We have outgrown our present restaurant even more quickly, and so are opening a new branch in a different part of Bristol. Bedminster is a vibrant and youthful district and I have little doubt that there will be great demand there as well.

“We preceded each of our previous openings with a week during which we offered free meals as a way of ensuring that we were ready for the opening itself. For both the diners and for us it is a win-win arrangement. They get to eat absolutely free and we get test our systems in a reasonably relaxed way.”

To participate in the free week ballot, applicants need to visit and follow the link to the application form. 400 successful applicants will be selected by ballot on 31 April, and will be informed on 1 May with the results posted on The Burger Joint’s website.


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