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Coffee trends, from the wacky to the wonderful

Jan 11, 2015
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As a commodity, coffee is the most imported product after oil. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, to see so many different coffee trends surfacing each year. With the array of blends and flavours available in leading coffee chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, this year’s “Entertaining Annual Trends Report,” published by restaurant consultants Baum and Whiteman in New York, challenge independent coffee shop owners to diversify their menus.

With that in mind, we take a look at coffee trends from around the world to see what wacky and wonderful concoctions you might find appearing in a café near you!




Fizzy coffee in NYC

In 2013, Coca-Cola became the first company to introduce hot carbonated drinks with their Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale. Amazingly, the idea took off, and 2014 saw an influx of hot coffee being served on tap using nitrogen gas to put a bit of fizz in your foam. Fizzy coffee is all the rage in New York and works better than mixing espresso shots with tonic water.

Butter me up in Oz

If I were to ask if you wanted butter in your coffee, you would probably think I’d gone crazy. But when Paleo dieticians suggest it, everybody goes crazy for butter-coffee. This is a trend that sparked up in Australia, and the health-conscious community love the idea of creamy lattes so much it’s attracting global appreciation. Whatever next – whisked egg in your coffee?

Vietnam egg-coffee

Actually, yes. In Vietnam they do serve coffee with an egg. Not surprisingly, coffee with egg is a speciality option and only found in small, hidden coffee shops frequented by locals. It’s made by separating the white from the yoke and mixing the white into the coffee blend to give it a smooth, rich flavour – yet apparently, it’s not as healthy as adding butter.

A Latte-Art Message from Japan




The Japanese seem to have a knack for coffee trends. In Tokyo, they serve you a regular coffee, but to give it something a little different serve with a fun design that says hello or welcome. The trend has become known as 3-D latte art and is made using either a flavourless sheet that dissolves into the coffee or with a special gadget that dispenses milk foam.

Chilled coffee in Africa

You will probably have heard of iced coffee, but in Africa they have chilled coffee. It’s still cold, but without the lumps of ice. The reason for this idea was because of the water shortage supplies, but it could just as easily have been inspired by the dudes in the street listening to chilled-out local music. Either way, I’ve got news for you – chilled coffee is coming out of Africa and spreading around the world.

If you want to try out some new coffee trends in your own kitchen, you’re going to need a pretty stellar brewer at your disposal (some of our faves can be found here). There is no end to the wacky and wonderful coffees you could create at home. And why not – life is short!

All images via Creative Commons: iced coffee, black coffee, latte art



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