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Bristol Cider Shop launches first Cider Club in the UK

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Cider Club Bottles


The team behind the award-winning Bristol Cider Shop has chosen Apple Day to launch its new cider club. The idea is simple; members sign up to receive a handpicked selection of award-winning cider every 2 months.

It is a well established model in the world of wine, and more recently beer, but this is the first cider club in the country. The club will be launched on 21st October and the first deliveries will be sent out on 3rd November.

The aim of the club is to showcase the quality and variety of cider made by the best producers in UK and the organisers believe that the appeal of receiving a new box of cider every couple of months will prove very popular.

Membership costs £39 every 2 months plus £10 for delivery anywhere in mainland UK. Each box contains 12 different bottles along with tasting notes and background information both about the ciders and the cider-makers.

Pete Snowman, Bristol Cider Shop’s owner, explains “We’re trying to recreate the experience of coming to one of our cider tastings, where people not only get to taste some great cider but they also learn about how it’s made and the characters that make it.”

Each box contains 3 ciders from each of two featured producers, plus 6 bottles from smaller, newer or more unusual cider-makers. They cover a range of tastes and styles and include a mix of 330ml, 500ml and 750ml bottles.

You can sign up for yourself or you can buy someone a gift membership. It’s the perfect way to explore the world of real cider or the ultimate gift for the cider lover! Members can sign up for as long as they like and can cancel at any time.

To celebrate the launch, everyone joining the club or buying a gift membership before 1st December 2015 will receive a free Cider Club t-shirt. For more information, visit the shop’s website at


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