Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

The Volly teams up with Airstream Line Events this December

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Volunteer Tavern Airstream


From December 1st to 23rd, The Volunteer Tavern will be teaming up with Airstream Line Events to entice Christmas shoppers and passers by with a new food offering.

Andrew and Hannah from Airstream will be cooking up a range of delights on the land behind the Volunteer Tavern, with those who order from them able to enjoy their food in the warmth of the pub, along with a drink from behind the bar if they choose.

While the Airstream is in place, the Volly kitchen will be closed (bar Christmas bookings and their Sunday roasts), with the Airstream open for both lunch and dinner every day.

Says Pete of the Volunteer Tavern, “This exciting event is yet another example of the Bristol population supporting the fantastic efforts of Old Market (including Old Market Community Association), an area that is quickly being revived and now has many independent shops, perfect for Christmas shopping.”


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