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2016 UK Barista Championship heat to be held at Paintworks

UK Barista Championship
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UK Barista Championship


Bristol’s Beyond the Bean will be the hosts of the South West heat of the UK Barista Championship, which will take place at Paintworks on Wednesday, March 9th. This heat is part of the most prestigious competition in the specialty coffee industry, with the winner of the overall championship representing the UK at the World Barista Championship in Dublin in June, as one of 52 competing countries.

This event is open to watch for all coffee lovers – whether you’re a home brewer, work in the industry or simply someone who loves a decent drew in their local coffee shop, you’ll be able to see 20 baristas fighting it out to be crowned the winner. Each will be judged by four sensory judges who taste the drinks, plus two technical judges who will watch every move the barista makes. Each contestant must present each sensory judge with an espresso, a milk-based drink and a signature drink: the latter must contain an espresso and any other ingredient, but no alcohol as that is judged in an entirely different championship.

You can see more details of the Championship – as well as all the rules – by visiting


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