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Casamia awarded 5 AA Rosettes

Peter Sanchez-Iglesias: Photography by DarkWater Design
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Peter Sanchez-Iglesias: Photography by DarkWater Design
Peter Sanchez-Iglesias: Photography by DarkWater Design


At the AA Hospitality Awards 2016, which took place on Monday, September 26th, Casamia became one of only 13 restaurants in the UK to obtain 5 AA Rosettes.

Casamia is the first restaurant in Bristol to achieve this award, and currently the only restaurant in the South West to hold this accolade.

Peter Sanchez-Iglesias said: “We did it! What we do at Casamia is all about moving forwards, making progress, and awards like this are a huge pat on the back to say we’re doing the right things. To not only be part of such an incredible group of restaurants who have five Rosettes, but to be the only restaurant currently in the South West is mind blowing.

I am so proud of my team and pleased to be doing my bit to firmly root Bristol as a serious food destination.

The support in the room was so special to see and made it an extremely emotional night for me, mum, dad and our Casamia family. This is the same restaurant that mum and dad started 16 years ago and with every milestone we reach, it’s cool to think back to where we started from and where we can take it. It’s amazing to receive such support from my peers and to know we are continuing to make Jonray proud.”


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