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How to Decide Where to Eat

Jan 15, 2018
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An unexpected opportunity to dine out for a meal occurs, and chances are high that you discuss where to go. This discussion goes one of two ways: you both want to go the same establishment (marvellous), or you completely disagree (problematic). The simplest of decisions can quickly turn into open warfare, all that you know is that a decision needs to be made before one of you gets the anger that can accompany hunger.

So how do you decide which eatery to go to? It should be an easy decision for an adult to come to; after all, you know what food you fancy eating, right? No. Not when there are two or more people are trying to decide. Here are some questions that you can ask each other to help you decide where you should frequent.

  1. What’s your budget?

It may be at the end of the month, and you are calendar watching for payday, or it may be because you have just been paid that you are going out for a meal, but budget is a quick decider on which restaurants are open to your purse. You may fancy the Michelin starred restaurant, but can you afford it? Make sure to snack within your budget!

  1. How long have you got?

You may have a great desire to go to a restaurant that is on the other side of the city; however, if you only have a couple of hours to spare, perhaps you have to be up early tomorrow, you need to think local. This should narrow down the options straight away. If you live in the vicinity of several good restaurants, this question will make your options slightly more complex.

  1. Are you on a diet or have specific dietary requirements?

Be careful how you ask this question, it may cause offence, but if one of your party has is on a diet or has specific dietary requirements, this question may just rule out specific establishments, and you will be closer to making a decision. Allergies and a poor vegetarian selection on the menu can reduce your potential options immediately.

  1. Other than hungry, what mood are you in?

Sometimes, our mood can dictate what kind of place we want to eat in. If you are feeling celebratory, a louder more populated venue can be the order of the day, or a more intimate restaurant if you feel like you need to talk and catch up about life’s events. What you don’t want to do is be in the wrong place for your mood and food, and one of you be feeling like a party while the other is feeling introverted and in need of more attention. For instance, if you’re into your sports, then look for a sports-themed bar or café where you can read your Unibet casino blog in solace; they also be playing the latest game for you to enjoy.

If after asking these four questions you are still struggling to decide, you may just have to revert to social media and absolve yourselves of all responsibility for making the decision. Ask your friends for recommendations, and agree that you will go to the nearest one. This way, should the meal not meet your expectation, you can easily pass the buck and remove all blame falling at your feet or those of your fellow diner, and your evening will end on a good note.


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