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Food & Drink Make the Perfect Gift for Friends & Family

Mar 20, 2020
Food & Drink Make the Perfect Gift for Friends & Family
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Food & Drink Make the Perfect Gift for Friends & Family


Written for Bristol Bites by Veselina Dzhingarova


Finding the right gift for a foodie in your life can sometimes be difficult. It is easy to pick out a kitchen gadget or an attractive serving plate, but you are often giving someone something that will clutter up their kitchen cupboards, seldom used.

Not enough people consider food and drink as a gift, despite the huge range of gift products and services available. Every day thousands of bouquets of flowers are delivered as gifts across the world, so why not wine, cheese or even meat and fish. If you have a really special foodie in your life, you could even send them a whole menu of meals to enjoy for their birthday or a special occasion. Foods have many advantages, including preventing tooth decay and increasing the metabolism. So a food gift would actually help the receiver.

Give Them More Than a Gift, Give an Experience

There a number of unique food and drink gift ideas that give people a whole experience, not just a simple gift. The arrival and unboxing of a food or drink gift basket is much more joyful than unwrapping a box, and then the discovery of different drinks or special foods makes each item a pleasing surprise on its own.

You can find many themed food baskets, often paired with a wine to suit the food inside. If you are sending your food gift to a party or celebration, why not send a cake or a ‘baked bouquet’ so that party guests can join in the fun.

Help Them Celebrate in Style

If you can’t be with someone when they are celebrating a special milestone then there is only really one option; champagne!

Sending someone a special champagne is a great way to celebrate with them when you can’t be there. If you know they have a favourite label, then you may be able to find a gift set or special bottle to help mark their occasion. You can buy champagne online from a number of the top makers in special designs that make the bottle worth keeping. You can even buy super-sized champagne bottles that are four times the size of a standard bottle!

Deliver Luxury to Their Door

If you want to send a well-loved foodie some luxury for their birthday or at Christmas, then you should consider sending a collection of cheeses, or some Scottish smoked salmon.

In Britain we are blessed with some of the planet’s finest produce. Scottish smoked salmon is possibly the finest in the world and can be delivered straight from the smoker to anywhere in the country in twenty-four hours. This is a wonderful breakfast for a birthday or at Christmas.

A selection of the country’s finest cheeses, complete with pickles and crackers, is a great birthday gift for a cheese lover. It gives them the perfect end to their celebratory meal, so they can make the big food decisions for themselves on their special day, and top it all off with your gift.

Food and drink gifts are the perfect way to show the foodies in our lives how much we care. With so many great food and drink products available in Britain, we’re in the best place to give the gift of food!


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