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Support Bristol independent businesses during Covid-19

Mar 23, 2020 #Bristol #coronavirus #Covid-19
Support Bristol independent businesses during Covid-19
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Support Bristol independent businesses during Covid-19


With the government having taken the decision to close restaurants, pubs and other businesses throughout the UK in a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19, our local independents have had a tough choice to make. Do they close their doors until all this is over, or do they adapt and change the way they operate to keep the money coming in and to give us all something to get excited about during these stressful and upsetting times?

Many have chosen to do the latter as a result of Covid-19, completely changing their customer offering to meet with this unusual and unexpected change in circumstances. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here’s how you can still support Bristol food and drink businesses while Covid-19 remains a threat.

**to clarify, this post is NOT recommending that you go out if you don’t absolutely have to. Social distancing is VITAL to beat this thing – if you can stay at home and just accept deliveries, it’s by far the wisest thing to do!**


– Alp Mac are delivering mac and cheese to reheat at home.

– Wholesaler Arthur David launches Arthur’s Market for home delivery to all BS and BA postcodes on March 23rd.

– Croft Ales is delivering beer to BS1-8 postcodes.

– Eatchu is delivering frozen dumplings and ingredients throughout Bristol.

– Iford Cider is offering free delivery throughout Bristol and Bath – order via their website.

– Kate’s Kitchen is delivering a variety of meals, ready to be reheated at home.

– Left Handed Giant are delivering beers by bike.

– Little Hollows Pasta are delivering fresh pasta and sauces to certain BS postcodes on set days.

– Lovely Drinks are delivering their tonic water and other drinks throughout Bristol.

– The team behind Pasta Loco, Pasta Ripiena, Bianchis and La Sorella is delivering pasta, baked goods and more.

– Sandwi has launched a new service, delivering basic shopping essentials throughout Bristol.

– Wild and Game has created new game sample boxes, delivered frozen to your door.

– Wriggle is allowing customers to buy gift vouchers for their partner businesses for future use.


– BrewDog has launched a new drive-through menu, which you can order via their app.

– Burger Theory is delivering throughout Bristol, with a £30 minimum order.

– Spitfire Barbecue is offering delivery, or 20% off when you collect.

– Toro is operating a delivery-only system, with NHS workers and those self-isolating getting 30% off.

– Urban Tandoor is offering delivery within 2 miles – plus free meals to certain people.

– Weber & Trings are delivering gin & tonic packages to customers’ doors.


– Cafe Napolita is offering delivery on its main menu and drinks menu, with 50% off collections and free hot drinks for NHS workers.

– The Cauldron has rebranded as a “dispensary”, selling ready meals, roasts, groceries, cleaning products, fresh bread and more.

– Tapestry Brewery is now a beer and pizza delivery service.


– The Coronation pub is working on a draught beer and food delivery service.

– For Mice And Men is launching a local delivery service, including half-price grilled cheese for healthcare workers and anyone without a pay cheque.

– Hobbs House Bakery has temporarily reopened on North Street, selling bread, bread flour, yeast and more.

– KASK is delivering wine, cheese and charcuterie to customers’ doors.

– Souk Kitchen is working on a new home delivery service.

– The Tobacco Factory cafe is now a community kitchen, offering meals, recipe boxes and produce for takeaway or delivery.


– A Cappella is offering takeaway and delivery from 12pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

– Eat Your Greens is offering brunch and evening meals as a takeaway menu.

– The Sandwich Stop is offering food and drink deliveries.


– The Bristol Loaf is offering bread to take away.

– The Orchard Coffee & Co has a food and drink menu (including pints of milk) that they will deliver in a 1-mile radius, or which you can collect.


– Wilsons is cooking and serving free food to those in the community who need it most, with a GoFundMe campaign also running.


– The Lazy Dog is trialling a takeaway food and drink service, as well as operating as a food bank.


– The George Inn is offering takeaway (including Sunday roasts) and produce ordering.

– Souk Kitchen is working on a new home delivery service.


– The Upton Inn is offering an evening takeaway service.


– The Pony & Trap is delivering meals, booze, essentials and more to Chew Valley residents.


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5 thoughts on “Support Bristol independent businesses during Covid-19”
  1. Gotta support each other and so we are making Eatsy online ordering system FREE to use throughout this tough period. Hoping all local and UK businesses get through this tough period. Adapting and no contact approach is key. Which is why we are simply removing any charges we can, to allow people to have online ordering pre payment to enable contactless delivery.
    We have never done this and will do our best to support everyone. Note there are no contracts so people can use Eatsy for food/drink ordering for as long as this goes on and then turn it off if they wish.
    To join just email me or join@eatsy.co.uk or register on the website.
    If we can do anything else please get in touch.
    Note we don’t have people to do deliveries it is just the system to place and manage the orders and can work for anywhere doing food or drink etc
    Stay safe

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