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Wriggle launches new marketplace, The Bristol Pantry

Bristol Pantry
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Bristol Pantry


Bristol deals site Wriggle has launched The Bristol Pantry, which the team describes as “your local marketplace for the tastiest food and drinks that Bristol independents have to offer”.

Working with local brewers, butchers, bakers, coffee roasters, greengrocers and more, Wriggle say that more and more businesses are signing up to The Bristol Pantry each day. Orders via the website go directly to producers, guaranteeing the lowest possible prices, and the team promises that there are bundles on offer that aren’t available anywhere else.

Produce is delivered on a weekly cycle, meaning that the producers involved can process orders, gather stock, and deliver everything on a set day. It’s a method that’s designed to ensure a sustainable way of trading for the producers, who would otherwise have to raise their prices for individual orders, or risk losing a cut of their revenue.

Wriggle founder, Rob Hall, says, “We have been in awe of the Bristol food and drinks scene since lockdown. There has been so much support from within the industry and customers are putting their money where their mouths are, supporting their favourite local producers and businesses. With The Bristol Pantry we want to make this process easier and establish relationships between producers and consumers that can flourish beyond lockdown and social distancing.”

Currently, website features veg boxes from Ceres, meat/dairy/eggs from Popti & Beast, beers from Moor Beer and Bristol Beer Factory, coffee from Wogan Coffee, sweet treats from Bosh, sauces from Gingerbeard’s Preserves and more. To see what’s on offer – and to place your order – visit The Bristol Pantry website.


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