Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Themed Thursday nights @ Whitelock & Grace…

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If you’re a fan of cocktails and free on a Thursday night, then the new weekly specials menus at Whitelock & Grace will be right up your street…

As of Thursday, April 14th, the Whiteladies Road cocktail bar will be offering a small specials menu on Thursday nights, with all drinks from this menu available for just £5 each. The specials menu will change regularly, with a focus on a different spirit or liqueur each time…beginning with Chartreuse on April 14th and 21st.

This French herbal liqueur has been made by the Carthusian monks since the 1740s, and is flavoured with 130 herbal extracts. Whitelock & Grace describe the drink as “both sweet and bitingly herbal, with a complex finish” – which, they claim, makes it ideal for cocktails.

You can see a copy of the Chartreuse menu below…I’m very tempted to go along on the 21st to try the Chocolate Flip!

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