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Tonight’s specials @ Whitelock & Grace…

May 26, 2011 #Clifton #Whitelock & Grace
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Rum month continues today (Thursday, May 26th) at Whitelock & Grace, with tonight’s specials menu featuring four cocktails all based on Pusser’s Navy Rum

Pusser’s, known as the “single malt of rum”, is 100% natural and, unlike most rums, contains no flavouring agents whatsoever. It’s a product with an interesting history too: did you know that the Royal Navy used to issue daily tots of rum to their crews? Before 1740 it was half a pint, served neat, twice daily!

As per every week, the special cocktails are available for one night only and are generously priced at £5 each. Head over to Whitelock & Grace on Whiteladies Road any time from 5pm tonight to try one (or more!) of the following…

Tiger Blood

Pusser’s, absinthe, lemon

The Purser’s Punch

Pusser’s, homemade rum shrub, pineapple, lime, bitters

Summer Grog

Pusser’s, curacao, apple, lemon, nutmeg

Admirals Nightcap

Pusser’s, Dubonnet, bitters

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