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Chartreuse Banquet @ The Rummer, July 21st

Jul 12, 2011 #eating out #The Rummer
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Another fantastic themed dinner evening coming up at The Rummer on All Saints Lane this month: join head chef Greg McHugh for a seven course Chartreuse Banquet, who will be using a Chartreuse product in the preparation of every single course…

Still produced in Voiron in the southern French Alps by Carthusian monks, Chartreuse is a herb-based liqueur available in yellow and green varieties (the green version being stronger), with a number of other liqueurs also made by the monks.

It’s a selection of these products that will be used in The Rummer’s Chartreuse Banquet, which begins at 7pm on Thursday, July 21st and costs £49.95 per head for seven courses and selected drinks. You’ll also have a chance to speak to Emmanuel Delafon from Chartreuse, who will be hosting the evening and bringing with him a selection of the rarer Chartreuse products to sample.

Tickets can be booked by calling The Rummer on 0117 929 0111, or emailing info@therummer.net. A full copy of the menu can be seen by clicking on the image below, or by clicking this link

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