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Wagyu Beef Dinner @ The Rummer, August 24th

Aug 15, 2011 #eating out #The Rummer
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It’s time for the fourth Wagyu Beef Dinner hosted by the restaurant at The Rummer Hotel. Join head chef Greg McHugh and the team on the evening of Wednesday, August 24th for a celebration of the prized Japanese meat…

The word “Wagyu” refers to all Japanese beef cattle: an animal first introduced to Japan in the second century to provide power to cultivate rice. The meat from these cattle is known for its extensive fat marbling – however, the content of the fat differs to other types of beef. Although well-marbled, wagyu beef is high in monounsaturated rather than saturated fat. The cost and reputation of wagyu stem from the meat’s flavour, tenderness and juiciness – all of which are as a result of the way in which the cattle are bred and fed.

Beer is fed to the cattle during the summer months to stimulate their appetite, at a time of year when the temperature and humidity curb their desire to eat. The cattle are also massaged to reduce stress and muscle stiffness, keeping the meat tender. In addition, some Wagyu cattle breeders even brush the cattle’s coats with sake, believing that the quality of the coat and softness of the skin are directly correlated with meat quality.

Costing just £39.95 per head for a three course dinner, spaces are limited and pre-booking and pre-payment are required. You can book by calling The Rummer on 0117 929 0111, or emailing To see a copy of the menu, click on the image below…

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