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Fabulous Food Nights @ Goldbrick House – Review of the BBQ Night!

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I wrote about Goldbrick House‘s series of Fabulous Food Nights earlier this year, but hadn’t had the chance to check them out for myself. That all changed in July, after a last minute invite to join a bunch of fellow hungry food lovers for their most recent evening…

Head chef Matt Peryer works with a different theme each month, with earlier events this year having been based around ‘nose-to-tail eating’, game, seafood and more. We were excited to learn that July’s event was BBQ-based, and promised an introduction to those foods that you expect to be BBQ’d, as well as some that you don’t.

The evening was hosted on The Terrace at Goldbrick House, with The Loft also made available in case the weather decided to turn. We were treated to a glass of wine on arrival (included in the bargain ticket price of just £25 per head, additional drinks are charged for) and took our seats at the L-shaped table.

Matt introduced himself and talked us through the menu for the evening, which was enormous – we were all wondering how we were going to fit everything in!!

We started with the sticky ribs, which I’m not normally a fan of, but these were lovely. Matt had sat the baby back ribs in rock salt for an hour, before sealing them in a hot pan and marinating before cooking. It was hard to ration ourselves, but we had to save space for everything else…

Slices of lamb breast appeared next, the skin scored before a liberal application of Indian-style spices, orange zest and plenty of of oil, followed by slow cooking on a low heat…

…followed by some simple mussels en papillote: something that I’d never considered barbecuing but I’d definitely like to try it myself…especially with the samphire (one of my favourite accompaniments) with which they were served.

These were served with chargrilled plaice, which tasted lovely but I had to give up because of the bones!

The next tray that came over from the barbecue was the star of the show. Rich and meaty mini venison burgers were served on egg-washed, toasted brioche buns, with a celeriac remoulade sitting on top of the red onion and tomato inside. Absolutely delicious, although too rich and gamey for some of the evening’s diners.

Belts loosened, we moved onto the final meat course: an onglet steak sandwich. Also known as a butcher’s cut (or a hanger steak in the US), Matt was as full of interesting information about this dish as he had been about the others – did you know that an onglet is cut from the only muscle in the body that goes in one direction only, meaning that if you carve it the wrong way, it’s stringy and impossible to eat.

The open-topped sandwiches really were great, with pink, succulent meat and a smear of horseradish cream, but after the previous courses and the accompanying salads, I had to give up, defeated, halfway through.

A dessert of barbecued bananas with dark chocolate, served with a jug of caramel sauce, concluded an amazing evening, and we all rolled off home. I’ll definitely be booking myself onto another such night: steak night is the next in line, on August 18th. If that doesn’t appeal, make sure you sign up to their mailing list, as they’ll be announcing the themes and dates for the rest of the year via their newsletter…

Many thanks to Matt and the team for such a relaxed, friendly, informative and of course delicious evening. A perfect way to spend a lazy summer evening midweek!

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  1. Will be popping in for sure as the food looks amazing. Would never have found this review but searched for Bristol news blog so Thankyou.

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