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Mullion Cove launches Jubilee and Olympic Cornish fairings

May 7, 2012 #Mullion Cove #Sophie Bowden
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Mullion Cove, a Clifton based company which makes traditional Cornish biscuits called fairings, will be celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee and this year’s London Olympics by creating themed biscuits.

The Jubilee fairing will consist of Mullion Cove’s original ginger recipe topped with crystallised ginger and a white Belgium chocolate crown which will be hand piped by head baker Sophie Bowden.

Sophie Bowden said: “We’ve been trialling all sorts of flavours and designs and even researched what sort of biscuit Her Majesty prefers. The clear winner was our most popular recipe topped with the finest Belgium chocolate and bejewelled with crystallised ginger. We hope it will be good enough for Her Majesty and plan on sending Buckingham Palace a few bags!”

She added: “2012 is definitely a year to celebrate English traditions and we feel proud to be representing Cornwall with a range of our traditional, handmade Cornish biscuits.”

Mullion Cove will also be creating Olympic themed fairings which will be available online, via their usual outlets and at a special Olympic themed producers’ market at Ashton Court Estate on 5 August.

Mullion Cove fairings come in various flavours including Original Ginger and Spice, Ginger and Oat, Cinnamon Sugar and seasonal flavours. They are sold online (www.mullioncove.net), at various Bristol outlets including Ruby and White and the Mall Deli, Clifton and on their market stall.


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  1. Loving the look of these fairings – they remind me of Thomas Toft terracotta plates circa 1600's. Bet they taste delicious, melt in the mouth chewy sweet and gorgeous!

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