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CUPP TEA BAR – First ever mobile bubble tea specialist launches in Bristol

Jun 22, 2012 #CUPP TEA BAR #Lee Peacock
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You may have already seen them at the recent Street Food Festival in Bristol, and at a few other locations in the south west. CUPP TEA BAR is the first ever mobile bubble tea company to hit the UK, bringing Taiwanese drinks to the streets of Bristol.

They take to Bristol, the south west, and music/food festivals to spread the love of Taiwanese Bubble Tea in their converted Citroen H van, called Pearl, named after the key ingredient in Bubble Tea – tapioca pearl. Using traditional and authentic techniques from Taiwan and using only traditional ingredients and real fresh fruit, they’ve already gained a strong following from foodies, students and Asian communities for quality fresh Bubble Tea.

But what is bubble tea? Invented in Taiwan in the 1980s, it has been extremely popular across Asia, US, and Australia for many years. It’s becoming more recognised in the UK with CUPP TEA BAR at the forefront of the Bubble Tea revolution.

Says co-founder Lee Peacock, “Bubble Tea is a tea and milk based drink, containing tapioca pearls where customers suck through a large straw to chew the tapioca pearls and drink at the same time. The tapioca pearls have a ‘gummy bear’ texture and caramel undertone whilst giving the drink a bubbly appearance. Customers can choose from a variety of flavours and toppings to make their drink even more exciting.”

“All drinks are served in oversized transparent cups and have a special sealed top originally designed to prevent spillage (particularly useful while the Taiwanese transported their Bubble Teas on their scooters)!”

Lee and business partner Amy Miles founded the company as a result of three years spent living in Taiwan. Having fallen in love with the country itself, the people, culture, and – of course – the tea, they wanted to bring something back to share with the UK.


Since their mobile launch in May, interest in CUPP has already become so big that they are planning building on their success by opening a store in Bristol in the very near future to accompany their mobile van. Keep up to date on its progress and to find out where they’ll be next in Pearl the Bubble Tea van, visit


Find CUPP TEA BAR on the Bristol Bites Directory…


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