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Sponsored Recipe: Summer Watermelon Smoothie

Jul 5, 2012
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With the sun undecided about whether it is coming out or not, we thought that it may need a little more encouragement. What better to quench your thirst than a fresh watermelon iced smoothie.


½ cup of ice
About 3 cups of sliced watermelon chunks
A couple of fresh mint leaves to taste
1/3 cup of carbonated water
A dash of fresh lime juice



Step 1.
Slice your Watermelon into medium sized chunks, about 3 cups will be sufficient.

Step 2.
Put your ice cubes, watermelon chunks and fresh mint leaves into a blender and blend. Some prefer leaving small chunks in their smoothie, but it’s completely up to taste. Ensure that all the ice cubes are crushed and mint leaves are incorporated.

Step 3.
Pour your carbonated water into a tall glass and top off with the watermelon mixture.

Step 4.
Add fresh lime juice to taste.

And there you have it. A perfectly cool way to hydrate yourself this summer, with our Watermelon smoothie. A guarantee to make your day!


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