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My Foodie Penpals Parcel, October 2012

Oct 31, 2012 #Foodie Penpals #Pieminister
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A hand-delivered Foodie Penpals parcel for me this month, as the person picked to send me mine was the lovely Bristol-based Kate! And what a parcel it was too, Bonfire Night-themed and full of lots of lovely goodies.



Kate works for the legendary Bristol company that is Pieminister, and the two pies from their new range that the parcel included were gratefully received – one Piehock (ham and pea) and one Funghi Chicken (self-explanatory). I love Pieminister pies, and we had these for dinner last night with heaps of mash and gravy.

The clinking of the bag when I picked it up was caused by two bottles of Thatchers Katy cider which I’m looking forward to enjoying at the weekend! Midweek probably isn’t the best plan, as it weighs in at a hefty 7.4% ABV…

The rest of this month’s parcel was filled with delicious homemade goodies – and Kate also kindly provided me with the recipes so that I can make more when I’ve run out! Fantastically spiced slabs of parkin, moreish blackcurrant marshmallows and my favourite, huge chunks of cinder toffee swirled with melted orange and cardamom chocolate.

And to top it all off – a packet of sparklers, which I’ll be using at a Bonfire Night celebration this Friday!

Thanks so much, Kate, for a fantastic parcel – and I hope you received a great one too!

I sent my parcel to Suze of “Ducks Love Bread” this month – click here to visit her blog…


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