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Prawns and pigs’ trotters for Chinese New Year at Dynasty this weekend

Feb 7, 2013 #Chinese #Dynasty
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One of Bristol’s longest established Chinese Restaurants is getting ready for the Chinese New Year next weekend with a special order of lucky pigs’ trotters and prawns.

Dynasty in St Thomas Street, Bristol is a favourite of the Chinese community and special dishes are being added to the menu to ensure that the Year of the Snake is lucky for all who dine in the restaurant.

Manager Kevin said: “Food plays a major part in the Chinese New Year celebrations and certain foods have a great significance.

“We will be preparing braised pigs trotters, which are not only delicious but they represent “lucky hands”. Many people believe that if they eat them they will receive wealth and money – maybe win at gambling or simply get the money they need to survive these recessionary times.

“We will also be serving a dish of Golden King Prawns. Once again they represent wealth and are cooked to resemble gold nuggets.”

Traditional Lion Dancers will be performing at Dynasty on February 9 and 10, which represent the first two days of the Chinese New Year celebrations. The dancers are called in to scare off the monsters of winter with their athleticism and noisy drummers.

The weekend marks the start of the Year of The Snake – the sixth sign of the Chinese zodiac. People born in the Year of the Snake are said to be thoughtful and wise.

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