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Two Bristol chefs competing in Channel 4’s “The Taste”

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The Taste” has already become popular in the US, with the hit reality TV show featuring both professional and amateur cooks battling it out to be crowned the winner. Contestants are divided into teams, with each team mentored by a celebrity judge. Through a series of team and individual challenges, contestants are eliminated one by one before one contestant is crowned the winner.

After its success in the States, “The Taste” is now coming to the UK, with the first episode airing at 9pm on Channel 4 on Tuesday, January 7. The British version will see twelve contestants taking part in teams of 4, with Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain and Ludo Lefebvre mentoring the three teams. You can see more information about the show by clicking here.

Bristol is very well represented in this series, with two of the twelve chefs hailing from our city. Tara Hofman and Kelly Sealey have both taken to Twitter to share the news of their participation, and we’ll certainly be watching to find out how they get on!



Worcestershire-born Tara Hofman is the owner of Tara’s Table: a Bristol-based private chef and corporate catering service that was launched in 2010. Tara has also cooked at Quartier Vert, Babington House and the Primrose Cafe in the past, and has hosted various pop up events at 40 Alfred Place over the last few years.

Kelly Sealey runs Pig & Swig: a Bristol-based pop up serving “farmhouse comfort food”. She runs public supper clubs as well as being available to hire for events of up to 200 people. You may also recognise her as head tutor at the Bordeaux Quay Cookery School

We’re really looking forward to seeing Tara and Kelly in what promises to be a great series – and if you want to send them a message of support, you can find Tara on Twitter under @Taras_Table and Kelly under @PigandSwig – wish them luck!


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