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April Fools’ Day 2014: the best food and drink “news” from around the web

Apr 1, 2014 #April Fools' Day
Image from the Great British Chefs website
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Image from the Great British Chefs website
Image from the Great British Chefs website


April Fools’ Day always sees some great stories appearing in the press, online, on the radio and on TV. This year, there have been a fair few food and drink-related pranks in the press – here’s a round up of some of the best…

Great British Chefs reported this morning that local chef Josh Eggleton will be opening Winslow’s of Bristol: a high end, canine restaurant named after  his own dog. Featured dishes include crispy pigs’ ears with truffle tartare sauce, and textures of tripe with onion puree. You can read more about the restaurant here.

Vegemite got in on the act on Facebook, promising the launch of a new Vegemite energy drink to get that great Vegemite flavour on the go, while Domino’s have been promoting their new Edibox – an edible pizza delivery box made from pizza crust.

BMW announced the launch of the new tea-powered MINI Cooper T, and Warburtons have released images showing their plans for new bread-shaped London offices that will “sandwich the Gherkin”.

The University of Greenwich have innovative plans for tackling freshers’ flu, by opening an algae burger bar to boost students’ immune systems. And Burts Potato Chips? Well, their farmer Gavin has created the world’s first Guinness potatoes by watering them with the black stuff…

After Eights will no longer be square, but triangular, according to their Facebook page, and expect to see a new chocolate chip biscuit flavoured tea from Tetley, meaning you’ll no longer have any need to dunk! In a similar vein, Cravendale Milk have posted a picture on Facebook of their new variety of milk, with pieces of biscuit crumbled in.

Toby Carvery Facebook fans were treated to a preview of their new Breakfast Sundae, a sundae glass filled with ice cream and cooked breakfast items, and drizzled with a choice of ketchup or brown sauce. Tasty…but will it be as tasty as the mayonnaise-filled doughnuts that are being talked about by One Stop Convenience Stores?

For another combination of sweet and savoury, head over to the Facebook page of Renshaw Baking, where their new ready to roll cheese icing is making its debut.

Flora came up with a new product invention that I really wish they’d make! Anyone for Flormite? A combination of Marmite and Flora in the same tub, the social media team at Flora were claiming that it would be available in three strengths: light, medium and dark.

Mr Kipling’s Facebook fans were told on the morning of April Fools’ Day that, due to health and safety reasons, the cherries from the tops of their Bakewells would have to be removed.

Spotted any more food and drink pranks from 2014? Let us know, and we’ll add them to the list!


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