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Celebrate Norway Day with 99p fish and chips on Saturday, May 17th

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Norwegian cod and chips


Norwegian cod is a popular choice for British chippies due to its firm flesh and flaky texture, its light, delicate flavour, versatility and good quality. Fish and chip lovers can also enjoy this delicious fish supper with a clear conscience, as the sustainability of Norwegian cod stocks are carefully managed in order to safeguard the fish for generations to come. This means that Norwegian cod is in plentiful supply, so much so that the vast majority of cod sold by fish and chip shops in the UK is caught in the icy, clear Arctic waters of the Barents Sea off the northern Norwegian coast. To celebrate Norway Day, in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution, 99 chippies across the UK have been gifted a total of 16 tonnes of Norwegian cod by the Norwegian Seafood Council, allowing them to serve a total of 40,000 customers with fish and chips for just 99p.

To find out if there’s a chippy near you taking part, visit In Bristol, you’ll be able to enjoy the offer at George’s Fish Bar in Hanham, as well as the Keynsham Fish Bar on Temple Street, Keynsham. Promotional times and restrictions may vary, so be sure to check directly with the chippy to avoid disappointment.


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