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Raw cooking workshops at Cafe Kino with Shane Jordan

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Shane Jordan


An innovative new cookery course that focuses on creating healthy and appetising meals using nothing but raw ingredients is being held in Bristol, courtesy of food waste chef Shane Jordan.

The raw-cooking workshops, taking place at Cafe Kino in Stokes Croft, teaches participants how to make the most of their leftover food without even having to switch on the oven or microwave.

In just one hour, Shane will show you how to knock up curries, cakes and stir fries with just a few simple ingredients – ingredients we usually throw away as food waste.

Each dish is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and those on gluten free diets, and can be easily recreated at home without the need for even the most basic electrical equipment.

Every year, roughly 7 million tonnes of food and drink is thrown out by UK households, with more than half that amount still being perfectly safe to consume. On average, each UK home wastes £470 a year on uneaten food.

It is Shane’s belief that by learning just a few simple techniques, everybody can help reduce the amount of food they throw away, ultimately moving towards a “zero waste economy”.

Shane, who has also written Food Waste Philosophy, said: “Whenever we peel a banana or a potato, or make too much rice or pasta, we’re creating food waste that is not only unnecessary, but costing us hundreds of pounds every year.

“My raw-cooking workshop shows how many of those leftover foods we usually chuck out can not only be saved, but turned into something really tasty and nutritious.

“This is simple, easy to follow food preparation using just the most basic tools. Even if you’ve never cooked before, you’d be amazed at how easy to is to create some of these recipes.

“Likewise, if you enjoy cooking and are looking for new ideas, there is bound to be something here for you to try out.”

The raw cooking workshops are held every Wednesday until October 26th, from 6pm to 7pm at Cafe Kino, Stokes Croft. Entry is £10 per person, and Shane plans on announcing future dates soon.

To reserve a place, email foodwastephilosophy@gmail.com or contact Shane on Twitter at @FoodWasteShane.

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