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May 25, 2018 #Bristol Bites #newsletter
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You’re probably pretty sick of all the GDPR emails by now – I know I am. But rather than ignoring it all/trying to work out how I can ensure a totally non-EU audience for Bristol Bites, I’ve embraced it by creating a brand new email newsletter.

This fortnightly missive will be a simple round-up of the latest posts on Bristol Bites: news, reviews, new openings, events and more. If you decide to sign up, your data will be used for this newsletter and this newsletter only – yup, even us humble bloggers have to abide by the new regulations!)

(For those who are interested, Bristol Bites also now has SSL certification, and we’ve updated our privacy policy too – see here).

Those who subscribe to the previous automated daily emails will no longer receive them, so sign up to the new newsletter if you want us to stay in touch!

To sign up, click here – enjoy!


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