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The Greedy Goose at Gatcombe Farm: Review

Greedy Goose at Gatcombe - ExteriorImage from The Greedy Goose's Facebook page
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Greedy Goose at Gatcombe - Exterior
Image from The Greedy Goose’s Facebook page


I have two questions.

Firstly, I know it’s tradition, but why do many places still only serve a roast dinner on Sundays? I did a quick Instagram poll before posting this, and 70% of those who responded say that they happily eat a roast dinner on non-Sunday days of the week.

Secondly, for a big city, why are there so few carveries in Bristol? And I’m not talking about your Toby Carvery types, I’m talking about the good stuff.

If you, like me, have pondered these very questions and want to see slices carved from huge hunks of meat directly onto your plate, before you help yourself to an array of veg and other sides – and on a day other than a Sunday – get yourself down to the Greedy Goose at Gatcombe Farm pronto.

“But where is Gatcombe Farm?”, I hear you ask. You’ll need a car, or to be willing to nip on a bus: it’s at the end of Long Ashton furthest away from the city centre, but it’s well worth the drive to indulge any carvery cravings.

Gatcombe Farm is a working farm, so you’ll see plenty of animals milling around when you drive in. My favourites are the rescue chickens that I dubbed “disco chickens” when we went, as a result of their impressive 70s-style head plumage…


Greedy Goose at Gatcombe - Disco Chickens


There’s a farm shop there too – their own meat is incredible value for money and pretty tasty to boot – and a children’s play area where little ones can let off some steam.

And then there’s the Greedy Goose. It’s a pretty smartly decorated place – probably more so than we’d expected – with the ordering and carvery counters on the left when you walk in, and plenty of seating – including highchairs – stretching down to the right. There’s additional seating outside, too, so you can sit and watch the farm animals while you eat in the warmer months. It’s a pretty relaxed affair: wait to be shown to a table, take a look at the laminated menus, head to the counter to order.

It’s not just the carvery either – the menus include classics like ham, egg and chips and breaded plaice; as well as sandwiches, paninis, breakfasts, jacket potatoes and a selection of children’s dishes. The cakes they had displayed on the counter looked delicious – and if you don’t want a hot or soft drink with your meal, they’re licensed to sell you something a little stronger too.

There’s no denying that the carvery’s the main draw, though, and priced at £12.95 for an adult plate, £10.95 for a small plate and £5.95 for under 7s, it’s pretty good value for money. From Monday to Saturday, it’s served from 12pm to 2pm, while on Sundays there are three sittings: 12pm, 2.30pm and 4.30pm. Definitely sensible to book, too, as they get pretty busy…

It was relatively quiet when we got there on a Saturday afternoon – but it was at the tail end of the carvery service. Despite there being very few full tables, the staff seemed rushed off their feet, and it took a while for our order to be taken.

Chris and I both ordered the adult carvery (£12.95), and on reaching the counter, we were faced with three types of meat: turkey, pork and beef. What beef there was looked a little dry, but the lady behind the counter got one of the kitchen team to bring out a whole new joint…and it was beautiful. Naturally, we both tried all three, and can report that they were succulent, juicy and packed full of flavour.


Greedy Goose at Gatcombe - Carvery Meat


There was a MASSIVE amount of choice on the sides front too: Yorkies and stuffing, roasties, carrots, peas, swede, broccoli, boiled potatoes, greens, creamed leeks…and on a separate counter to the side, there was a huge tureen of thick, rich gravy and the whole gamut of sauces. We were impressed – both with the selection and the quality – and while some of the veg could have done with a little less cooking time, we appreciated that we were there right at the end of service, and that they have to appeal to all tastes…


Greedy Goose at Gatcombe - Carvery Veg


Their ploughman’s lunch (£8.95), which my mum ordered, was generous too. SERIOUSLY generous. It’s normally served with either Cheddar or Stilton, but she asked for a little of each and they happily agreed. Don’t know if you can tell from the angle of the photo, but they were two HUGE chunks of cheese, along with various salad bits, crisps, coleslaw, olives, two types of pickles, a couple of strawberries and an artfully carved wedge of apple.

What’s not pictured is the enormous wedge of bread that was served alongside the ploughman’s – good, proper bread, a world away from the supermarket white sliced that so many pubs still serve…


Greedy Goose at Gatcombe - Ploughmans


We were too stuffed for cakes, so we’ll have to go back and sample those another time. And go back we will – The Greedy Goose is great value for money, the food’s tasty, and it’s perfect for those with a big appetite. And if you want a roast dinner outside of regulation Sunday hours and can’t be bothered to cook one, you know where to go…


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