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Bristol: The UK’s best destination for foodie travellers!

May 29, 2019 #Bristol #Kitchen Knives
Bristol The UK’s best destination for foodie travellers
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Bristol The UK’s best destination for foodie travellers

There’s no doubting Bristol’s foodie credentials. And now, research from Kitchen Knives has revealed that our city is the best foodie city for travellers in the UK.

The research included 30 of the biggest towns and cities in the UK, from the best bottomless brunch Newcastle has to offer to the huge variety of eateries in London, with the Kitchen Knives team ranking them on a variety of different factors.

What were these factors, you ask? Well, % of Michelin star restaurants, % of AA Rosette restaurants, restaurants per 10,000 people, types of cuisine, % of vegetarian/vegan restaurants, % of fine dining restaurants, % of street food options, cost of a two-person, three-course meal and finally Instagram hashtags were all taken into account – and it was the combination of all of these that ranked Bristol top.

The top ten foodie cities in the UK were revealed to be:
  1. Bristol

  2. London

  3. Edinburgh

  4. Newcastle upon Tyne

  5. Brighton and Hove

  6. Birmingham

  7. Leeds

  8. Belfast

  9. Liverpool

  10. Manchester

Here in Bristol, Michelin starred restaurants make up a higher percentage of restaurants than in any other city – and the same goes for those with AA rosettes. We’re also not far off the top spot in terms of the % of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, and the number of types of cuisine – which was counted in the research as 88. And with 21.51 restaurants per 10,000 people, we’re pretty spoilt for choice!

The full research makes for interesting reading, especially if you’re a numbers fan! Click here to see the results in full!

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