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Revolution Bristol, St Nicholas Street: 2019 Review

Revolution Bristol - Mother Clucker Burger
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Please note: our food and drinks at Revolution Bristol were received free of charge, but this in no way impacted on our opinion. We were not obliged to write a positive review, and the venue did not see this review before it was put up on the site.


Revolution Bristol has undergone a bit of a transformation in recent weeks. After a refurb and a new menu launch, they celebrated their new look with a party in early September – and the place does look good.

If you’re offended by the misuse of religious imagery, it may not appeal, but the pulpit (used as the DJ booth in the evenings) backed by a neon bottle with angel wings is a new addition and looks pretty impressive. A few licks of paint, added greenery and more have smartened up the place – and while it remains a chain bar that also serves food, you’ve got to admit they’re pretty great at segueing smoothly between a daytime and a nighttime vibe.


Revolution Bristol - Interior


The food menu has changed a lot, too. There’s grazers. There’s sharers. There’s a short list of mains, plus longer lists of burger and pizza options. There are sandwiches and salads, there are sides and desserts. And with allergens listed, vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free options clearly marked, and dishes under 600 calories all labelled, there’s something for everyone.

While we decided, though, we started with a cocktail – a decision that actually took longer than choosing our food. The list is enormous, from classic mojitos and pina coladas, to those using Revolution’s own flavoured vodka shots.

My Rumbull (£8.50) – Old J spiced rum, mango, grenadine, tropical Red Bull and lime was the perfect choice to perk me up for the toddler’s bedtime. Fruity and fizzy, smooth and refreshing, the mango came through as the dominant flavour.

Chris’ Russian Spy (£9.50) was far too drinkable. JD Tennessee honey whiskey, Kahlua, milk and caramel syrup combined to create a rich, creamy and decadent drink – the Kahlua coming through strongly with a little kick of whiskey at the end. And the edible topper was a fun addition!


Revolution Bristol - Cocktails


Food-wise, I decided to go for one of the “under 600 calories” options and was swayed by the Sri Lankan chicken curry (£9). The chicken itself was incredibly tender, with almost a poached consistency, and there was a decent amount of heat to the super creamy sauce. While the menu claimed it was coconut and tomato, the dominant flavour was definitely cardamom (which wasn’t unpleasant) – and there was a huge amount of rice compared with the curry itself. I was pleased with my choice, though: fragrant and full of flavour, it definitely hit the spot.


Revolution Bristol - Sri Lankan Chicken Curry


Not one to shirk away from a big meal, Chris ordered the Mother Clucker burger (£12): a true beast of a burger that looked pretty incredible. Two juicy beef patties (which could have done with a little more salt) were involved in the balancing act with plenty of melted cheese, a rich and smoky chorizo ketchup, cooling sour cream and a handful of sweet potato fries. As if that wasn’t enough, there was an added corn-battered chicken fillet which was lovely and succulent, plus streaky bacon (a little underdone) and crispy onions which were a little more chewy than crisp. Surprisingly the bun – which looked fairly dry on first glance – held together amazingly under all that weight, and the chips were pretty decent, too.


Revolution Bristol - Mother Clucker Burger


In the past, our meals at Revolution Bristol have been a bit hit and miss, but this time around we were actually pretty impressed. Prices are in line with other places in the area, the menu’s varied enough for groups with different tastes, the service was brilliant and the setting relaxing on a midweek evening. Our evening at Revolution Bristol was one that certainly exceeded expectations.


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