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Mugshot, St Nicholas Street: Review

Mugshot Bristol - interiorImage from
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Mugshot Bristol - interior
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“An arresting array of feast and fizz”, says Paul Hassan, who headed to St Nicholas Street to check out Mugshot: a new restaurant with a 1920s twist… See all of Paul’s reviews for Bristol Bites here.


Wander through the doors of Mugshot, the latest esoteric eatery near St Nick’s Market, neatly sandwiched between Chomp and The Boardroom, and you’re instantly transported back to a prohibition era upmarket speakeasy.

The decor is authentic and high concept throughout: French polished wooden panels, classic doors and vintage chairs and tables make the overall dining experience distinctive.

It’s clear from the get-go that owners Adam and Zoe have poured their hearts and souls into this, their first venture – the attention to detail is first-rate.

The cocktails are truly out of this world. I kicked back with the Pretty Little Lies – top end bourbon mixed expertly with Cocchi Vermouth di Torino, cherry and vanilla syrup and Peychaud’s bitters interspersed with a wonderful zingy espresso cocktail.

On the food menu, you’ll find a few nibbles and a goats’ cheese salad, but the focus is firmly on steaks and pizzas. The pizzas were a triumph, delicate and full of flavour with accompanying idiosyncratic dipping sauces ranging from Provencal to Sweet Soy, all made from scratch.


Mugshot Bristol - pizza
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There was a sumptuous range of auxiliary offerings including specialist meat dishes and exotic ice creams, which I’m sure to dip into on my return.

The overall ambience is enhanced by the laid back but efficient and informed waiting staff and the soundtrack of ragtime, Charleston and prohibition era jazz.  Mugshot is definitely one for the album. 4/5



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