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Oddbox wonky veg boxes are expanding to Bristol

Apr 14, 2021 #Bristol #food waste #Oddbox
Oddbox wonky veg boxes are expanding to Bristol
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Oddbox wonky veg boxes are expanding to Bristol


If you’re keen to do your bit to reduce food waste, then check out Oddbox: after rescuing nearly 14 thousand tonnes of food from being wasted in London and the South East, they’re now expanding into Bristol and beyond.

Oddbox rescues and delivers the “too odd” or “too many” fruit and veg directly from growers, having launched in London and the South East five years ago. Since then, they have delivered over two million boxes of “odd” produce (the items that are deemed “too big”, “too ugly” or “the wrong colour”), saving the equivalent weight of food that 29,977 people would eat in a year.

Their expansion – which includes Bristol, Bath, Gloucester and Cardiff – means that an additional 700,000 households will have access to Oddbox produce after delivery bookings go live on April 28th. You can join the waiting list here to be notified of the Bristol launch – and you’ll be able to join the Oddbox mission to “Eat good. Do good. Stay odd”, with boxes starting from £10.99 for up to nine varieties of fruit or veg.

According to the Oddbox team, if food waste was a country, it would be the third-largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions – which is why it’s so vital to help reduce food waste at the supply source. They say that if every household in the new Oddbox radius signed up for a single medium box, it would prevent over 500 million litres of water going to waste (the amount that 8,889 people drink in their lifetime), and would avoid 7 million kg of carbon emissions – the equivalent emissions to powering 1,633 homes all year.

Emilie Vanpoperinghe, Co-Founder and CEO of Oddbox, says, We’re delighted to be expanding Oddbox into the Midlands, grow our community of people doing good for the planet and support our growers by rescuing delicious ‘odd’ fruit and veg from going to waste. We’re committed to helping people live more sustainably – widening our reach into the Midlands means we can have a greater collective impact. Knowing that, according to the Drawdown Project, fighting food waste is the number one solution to reverse the climate crisis, this gives us hope that, together, we will leave the planet in a better place for our children.”

Click here to find out more about weekly Oddbox deliveries.


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