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WaxWrap reusable wraps review – and a giveaway!

WaxWrap three wraps
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Please note: I received free products from WaxWrap to review, but this in no way impacted on my opinion. I was not obliged to write a positive review, and the company did not see this review before it was put up on the site.


I don’t know about you, but historically we’ve got through a LOT of silver foil and clingfilm in our house. Covering dishes to be microwaved, wrapping up the small person’s leftovers, packing snacks to take out and about, protecting things like onions, where I’ve only used half in a recipe…clingfilm and foil are pretty handy.

But they’re not great for the environment. While some places do recycle foil, how many people actually do it? And with so many people trying to cut down on single-use plastic waste, clingfilm is one area you can make a real difference.

Beeswax wraps are a great alternative, and I was excited when WaxWrap got in touch, asking if I wanted to review their plastic-free food preservation products and host a reader giveaway. They offer three different product types: pre-cut wax wrap sheets (£16 for a pack of 3 in different sizes), wax wrap bags (£22 for a pack of 3 in different sizes), and a roll of wax wrap (£12-£20, depending on the roll size you choose) that you can cut to size – perfect if you’re looking for a reusable solution that fits your own bowls or dishes perfectly.


WaxWrap food wraps and roll


Each product is made from 100% natural materials: organic cotton cloth that has been treated with natural beeswax, antibacterial jojoba oil and antimicrobial pine resin – and the designs are beautiful too!


WaxWrap three wraps


They feel pretty sturdy when you first take them out of the box, but all you need to do to use them is to use the warmth of your hands to mould them around whatever you need to wrap. The wraps then create a waterproof, self-adhesive seal that still lets moisture out, helping your food to stay fresh.

I’ve used the individual sheets to wrap up all sorts of things: leftover apple (my son tends to want his sliced, and only eats half at a time), blocks of cheese, snacks to take out and about, sandwiches that I’ve pre-made for later and more.


WaxWrap onion 1

WaxWrap onion 2


The wax wrap roll is brilliant too – it’s nice and easy to cut with a pair of kitchen scissors, and it means I can have wraps that are exactly the right size to fit on the bowls I normally use for leftovers.


WaxWrap food roll

WaxWrap food roll covered bowl


WaxWrap say their products shouldn’t be used to store raw meat or fish (the wraps can’t be washed at a high temperature), and they can’t be used in the microwave – they can, however, be used in the freezer! Cared for properly, though, they say that each wrap can last up to a year – that’s a lot of clingfilm saved! And the care instructions are pretty simple too: just wash with cool water with a little washing up liquid, then pat dry. Once they’ve reached the end of their natural life, just add them to your compost – they’re 100% biodegradable.

These wraps, rolls and bags from WaxWrap are used daily in our house now – and I haven’t bought clingfilm since the previous roll ran out! They’d make a great gift for friends or family who are looking to make their lives greener – and if you buy directly from the WaxWrap website, you can get 10% off your purchase by entering the code wax10 at the checkout.


Win a WaxWrap bundle!

Want the chance to win a bundle from WaxWrap that includes their pre-cut sheets, a wax wrap roll AND a set of wax wrap bags? Then click the link below to head over and enter on Instagram – you’ve got till 6pm on November 28th! Good luck!



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