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Bakers & Co to open at CARGO 2, Wapping Wharf

Bakers & Co Wapping Wharf
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Bakers & Co Wapping Wharf


Independent Bristol bakery, Bakers & Co, will be opening its second site in the city at CARGO 2 at Wapping Wharf in March.

Selling bread, pastries and coffee, the new opening for Bakers & Co follows the successful expansion of its original Gloucester Road bakery site. During the first lockdown, the team converted the empty café into a bakery so they could continue to supply bread and pastries direct to their local community.

It was during lockdown that head chef Brett St Clair experimented with expanding the Bakers & Co sourdough range – to the extent that sourdough is now their signature ingredient. Now, the team creates a range of naturally leavened breads and both sweet and savoury pastries, all made without commercially-made yeast.

As well as their baked goods, Bakers & Co at CARGO 2 will be selling single-origin coffee from Extract, as well as showcasing coffees from other speciality roasteries.

Brett St Clair says: “Bakers & Co is all about community, and nothing has reinforced that idea to us more than the past two years. Being able to bring people comfort with something as simple as a great cup of coffee or a loaf of sourdough bread has meant a lot to all of us. With Wapping Wharf it’s all about bringing that same sense of community to the harbourside.

“Our product is special because both the bread and pastry are exclusively naturally leavened, completely shunning commercial yeast. The pastries are approached with the same focus on flavour as the bread, the bread with the same precision as the pastry. Each informs the way we work with the other, so everything is attuned to our philosophy of working with sourdough.

We’re currently developing more savoury Danish varieties, and really looking forward to asparagus season for that. We’re also working on our sourdough version of a pop tart, as well as a new soft drinks range all made in house.”

From March, you’ll find the new shop in the unit formerly home to HUSK in CARGO 2. Follow Bakers & Co on Instagram to see their progress!


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