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5 Gift Ideas for The Food Lover In Your Life

Jun 29, 2023
5 Gift Ideas for The Food Lover In Your LifePhoto by cottonbro studio:
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5 Gift Ideas for The Food Lover In Your Life
Photo by cottonbro studio:


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Choosing the perfect gift for a loved one can be tricky. You want to be able to get them something they love and will use and not sit gathering dust after they’ve paid it the initial lip service.

But in today’s day and age, where there are literally so many things to choose from, how do you narrow down the perfect gift?

Gift-giving is an art some people have perfected while others struggle. While falling back on the good old fail-safe of cash or vouchers is a good option, putting some care and thought into choosing a really lovely gift shows the receiver you’ve made an effort, and that effort is what sets the present apart.

When deciding on the perfect gift, looking at their hobbies and interests is a great place to start. This can be an excellent indicator of what they will like to receive and get enjoyment from.

Talk to them, pay attention to what they say, the things that excite them, and the purchases they make themselves. Hone in on their passions and what gets them excited and start from there.

This post is going to look at some of the best types of gifts you can give foodies. Whether they love to cook, bake, consume or simply experience new foods and delicacies, finding the perfect gift for food lovers has never been easier. If this sounds like someone you know and need inspiration for, keep on reading.


Subscription Boxes

Whether you purchase a one-off box or you decide to pay for a longer term, a food subscription box is ideal for those who want to try out new foods but don’t know where to start. The beauty of food subscription boxes is that they come in many forms. You can purchase recipe kits that come with all or most of the ingredients and the recipe card to go along with them. Or you can buy food subscription boxes where the food is delivered ready to eat.

Recipe boxes will typically contain everything you need to make a delicious meal and can be a one-off gift or a continuous delivery. When giving as a gift, this will generally be in the form of a code/voucher that the recipient can then use to order their boxes. Alternatively, you can choose the meals and have them sent directly. Generally, you will get to choose a set number of meals based on the type of subscription purchased from a pre-selected list of options. You then receive your pack in the post with a step-by-step recipe card to enjoy foods and meals you might not have otherwise thought to make.

Ready-to-eat food subscription boxes can vary in content. They can come with a selection of new and popular foods on the market. From chocolates, sweets, drinks, savoury foods, and more to hand-baked artisan options such as a monthly cookie delivery or brownie box, for example. To send this type of gift, you must decide which delicious foodstuff your loved one would prefer, and off you go.



In the UK, pretty much everyone owns at least one kitchen appliance. So it’s not a surprise that the kitchen appliance sector is one of the most robust industries in the UK. Much like anything else, there is a wide array of appliances on the market. While at first glance, a kitchen appliance might seem like a gift chosen from a 1950s handbook for wives, in the modern age, they are generally well received unless it’s an iron, in which case it likely won’t be.

But when it comes to kitchen appliances, many people are happy to receive a gift of this type, especially those who love to experiment in the kitchen. You can narrow down your choice by looking at what they already own or find out what kind of appliance would fit their lifestyle and interests the most.

You might find that you need help finding the best coffee machine to help them enjoy their morning cup of caffeine a little bit more. A bean-to-cup device can be a step up if they already own a pod machine, or you want the full barista set up for those who love a Costa or Starbucks so they can recreate their favourite drinks at home.

Some good options for foodies include upgrading existing models to newer, more modern models. For example, many devices now come with wifi connectivity, meaning you can control them from your phone, turning the kettle on before you’re out of bed. Why not! You can buy smart devices that connect to an app on your phone or to your digital home network for most appliances, including your fridge freezer, toaster, coffee maker, microwave, and air fryer (which are all the rage right now – the global air fryer market is worth over $950 million).


Food Experiences

Get them out of their own kitchen and into someone else’s by sending them on a mouthwatering foodie experience. The UK has seen a boom in these types of “experiences,” and the food industry is witnessing a surge in popularity for people wanting to come along to tasting and sampling events or purchase a meal experience like no other.

Food experiences can be diverse and are available for various food types and cooking styles. Not only do they get to sample the dishes created, but in some cases, they get a tutorial from the pros too.

When picking the perfect foodie experience day, you need to decide if they will enjoy the eating part of it more or if they want to get stuck in and be part of the cooking process. This will help you to narrow down your choices.

Currently offered in the UK are personalised foodie tours through various cities’ most popular food occasions. These tours can be entirely tailored to your tastes and include a trip around some of the most popular restaurants, markets, bars, distilleries, and more. You will be sampling some of the available foods and drinks, which will all be included in the price.

Or you can book a 7-course Michelin-star dining experience to really set their taste buds on fire!

Alternatively, for those who enjoy the cooking process as much as eating, there are several cooking experiences brought to you by some of the UK’s top chefs, from a full-day cookery class at the Gordon Ramsey Academy to learning knife skills at the Jamie Oliver Cookery School. Or you can choose a tour around a gin distillery and make your own gin to take home. There is something for everyone, and food experiences are a gift that offers a foodie the experience of a lifetime.


Personal Chef

Sticking to the meal themes, there is the option to book a personal chef to come to their home (or a home of your choosing), prepare their meal in front of them, and serve them and their guests for the evening. This option can be perfect for those who love to try new foods but are limited or don’t want to travel too far.

You can book chefs for different specialities including Asian, Indian, Fusion, British, Italian, and more. All you need to do is head online to see the chefs available in your local area, look at what type of food they cook, their sample menu and availability, and off you go. Your chosen chef will take care of everything for you; all your loved one needs to do is sit down and enjoy.


Food Hampers

Food hampers are one of the most flexible and popular gift items for food lovers anywhere. You can make your own hamper or purchase one ready-made for ease.

The trick to finding the right food hamper for your loved one is to narrow down their favourite foods and drinks and then pick a theme around the hamper. It can be a hamper for a cosy night in featuring everything they need to make smores, different flavours of popcorn and more; you can build a BBQ box or complete the ingredients for the perfect Chinese takeaway at home.

Or you can make a hamper of sweet treats and savoury snacks, create a picnic, and more; the only limit is your imagination (and food allergies, don’t forget). This will make a fun and personal gift for anyone.

That being said, you could also buy premade food hampers that come like subscription boxes. Traditionally gifted at Christmas, a good food hamper can have speciality foods that you don’t buy on your regular trip to Asda. You can buy hampers from artisan suppliers or order niche foodstuffs such as cheese hampers, charcuterie boxes, fruits, preserves, or British delicacies, for example. Just make sure you know the foods they do and don’t enjoy to help you find the best food hamper for them.



Choosing the perfect gift for a food lover in your life needn’t be complicated. In fact, it can give you the inspiration to think outside the box and offer them a wonderful gift in many different ways. Not only will you show them you care about their interests, but you will also give them something they know they will enjoy.



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