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Five on-trend corporate catering ideas

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You may be planning a summer or Christmas party for your company, or organising a team-building day. You could be looking to host a corporate event for clients, prospects and suppliers, or simply organising a lengthy board meeting that requires its attendees to be fed and watered.

There are plenty of occasions when corporate catering might be needed – and it’s not always as simple as ordering in a tray of sandwiches. If you’re hosting a party or a big client event, you’ll want to make sure it wows. If you’re planning a themed event, you may be after food and drink that fit the theme. Of course, you’ll also want to make sure that what you choose meets the dietary requirements of those attending.

Planning a corporate event can feel like a challenge. There’s the content of the event to arrange. There’s the guest list to organise. You’ll need to confirm the location, get the invitations sent out, keep track of attendees. You’ll need to sort out the logistics of the event itself.

And then, of course, there’s the refreshment to organise. Will you need to provide food and drink for your attendees? How much should you provide?

The food and drink aspect of corporate catering can be delegated to a third party, saving you a great deal of time and hassle. Using an outside company to organise the lot reduces the stress and the workload – all you need to do is decide what to actually feed your guests.

If you want to make your corporate event really stand out, consider choosing an option that fits with popular trends. Not sure what to go for? Here are five corporate catering ideas to give you some inspiration…

1. Make mine a mocktail

Recent research shows that over a quarter of people want to reduce their alcohol intake this year. So why not help them by making your corporate event booze-free?

Non-alcoholic options don’t have to be dull. Call in a mocktail mixologist to run your bar – and you could even create your own signature drinks for the event, too. You could also add little touches with your own branding – and being alcohol-free, it’s the perfect option if attendees need to drive home afterwards.

2. Breakfast and brunch

Pre-lunch events are becoming more and more popular in the corporate world. It means you’ll catch people when they’re at their freshest rather than at the end of the day when going home is at the forefront of their minds!

They’ll be even fresher if you provide them with food and drink, too. From hot drinks and freshly squeezed juices to overnight oats or breakfast baps, there are options to suit all tastes and diets.


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3. Holistic health

Certain foods purport to boost mind, body and soul, so why not tap into this trend with your catering choices? It could be something as simple as a beautifully arranged fresh fruit table. You could choose healthy grazing boards, or even bring in a private chef to create your own healthy menu for the occasion. Whatever you do, just be careful about making specific health claims.

4. Think of the ‘gram

It’s always been true that people eat with their eyes – and even more so now that social media has boomed. An impressive display is bound to excite your attendees, and it could even give your business a boost.

Choose a catering option that you know will delight your guests: a feast for the eyes that they may even share on social media, promoting your business further. You might want to go for an elaborately organised grazing table. You might want a donut wall, a gelato workshop or a themed bar that looks as impressive as the drinks taste. When it comes to visual excitement in corporate catering, you’re spoilt for choice.

5. Fusion food

Fusion food is always popular: everyone loves a twist on classic dishes! Poptop Parties work with vendors offering up all sorts of fusion dishes. Have you ever tried a cross between a shawarma wrap and a burrito? What about rum & coke BBQ chicken wings, or an African-inspired burger? Unexpected combinations are a good way to get your guests talking – and provide an experience unlike others they’ve had at corporate events in the past.

Which of the above appeals the most to you?


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