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Recipe: Roasted Shallot & Goats Cheese Canapés

Oct 8, 2011
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Roasted Shallot & Goats Cheese Canapés - submitted by Alison Clarkson of


2 flat breads
12 shallots peeled and quartered
2 tsp olive oil
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
5 or 6 sprigs lemon thyme, leaves picked
30g goats cheese
Handful of rocket


Makes 15 canapés

1. Heat the oven to 220C/Gas 7. In a bowl combine the shallots, oil, vinegar and thyme and season well. Swirl everything together so the shallots are well coated then tip into a roasting tin covered with foil. Cook for 20 mins in the centre of the oven then remove the foil and cook for a further 20 mins. Spoon the caramelised onions out onto a plate and set aside to cool.

2. Using a circular pastry cutter, cut 15 disks out of the flat breads then mound some of the shallots on top. Crumble some goats cheese on each one and grill for a minute or two until the cheese melts slightly.

Recipe submitted by…

Alison Clarkson
Bristol and
Twitter: @tiny_teapot and @UKShallots

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