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Recipe: Apple Cider Vinegar Coleslaw

Jan 1, 2024
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Apple cider vinegar coleslaw is a very quick and easy recipe that can serve as a perfect side dish. It is a perfect alternative to salad. Vegetables give it a very colourful and refreshing vibe. Cabbage, carrots and bell peppers add a very crunchy texture to this dish. It is up to you to add other vegetables as per your taste and needs. Apple cider vinegar is made by combining apples with yeast. It is a unique addition to this recipe, and it gives it a very tangy taste. You can enjoy this recipe with quality ingredients from Whole Food Earth.

For the vinegar dressing:

For the coleslaw:

  • 1/2 head green cabbage
  • 1 medium bell pepper
  • 2 large carrots
  • 2 medium spring onions
  1. Take a small bowl and add the apple cider vinegar, oil, honey, salt and black pepper. Whisk until well combined. Set it aside.
  2. Cut the cabbage, carrots and bell pepper into thin, long strips and the spring onions into thin slices.
  3. Put the vegetables in a bowl and combine them well.
  4. Now pour the apple cider vinegar dressing over the vegetables. Mix until all the vegetables are well coated with the dressing.
  5. Chill for at least 30 minutes in the fridge before serving.

Nutritional health

Cabbage is rich in nutrients. It provides fibre, improves digestion and may lower cholesterol levels. Bell peppers are a good source of vitamins and have antioxidant properties. Carrots are very well known for the presence of vitamin A, which is important for normal vision. Apple cider vinegar has many claimed health benefits including fat-burning, decreasing blood sugar levels, weight loss and improving cholesterol levels. It is a staple ingredient in salad dressings, pickles, sauces, stews and marinades.

Serving pairs

Apple cider vinegar coleslaw can be served with grilled meat, fried chicken, barbecue and steak. It can also be used as a vegetable stuffing in burgers, sandwiches and tacos.

Risk potential

Although apple cider vinegar has various health benefits, you should be aware of its dosage limit. Too much consumption can cause delayed stomach emptying, digestive side effects and low potassium levels. So watch your daily intake to avoid any risk.

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