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Charlie and the Ice Cream Contraption

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Ice cream entrepreneur Charlie Francis has created the UK’s first portable nitro ice cream machine.   The ice cream contraption uses a liquid nitrogen injection system to churn two custom flavours for up to 500 guests fresh in front of their eyes.  The machine is set up in half and hour by ninja ice cream warriors and makes fresh ice cream in under a minute.

“I grew up on an ice cream farm in South Wales, my father is an ice cream maker and my mother is a fantastic baker”, says Charlie. “I wanted a way of combining these two skills to create delicious frozen creations, mixing ice cream with home made tasty confectionary bakery goodness and churning the whole thing with liquid nitrogen.  So the ice cream contraption was born.”

Charlie’s business, Lick Me I’m Delicious, was the South West Winner of Barclays Take One Small Step award earlier this year.  Since then he’s spent his time building his ice cream contraption and creating flavours in his new development kitchen.

“I like to create frozen creations, tasty deliciousness which are more dessert than ice cream.  I’ve created a dark port ice cream with a stilton ripple, which I serve on a crisp thin water biscuit, a lemon meringue pie served in an all butter pasty case and a raspberry mojito ice cream using real raspberries, fresh mint and lots of white rum.”

He calls his contraption Thunderbird 1 and has plans for an army of ice cream contraptions.  Thunderbird 2 is rumoured to be an ice cream buggy and there’s talk of an ice cream boat being developed.

Charlie’s Ice Cream contraption can be booked for events, weddings and cool parties via his website: www.lickmeimdelicious.com.

Find Lick Me I’m Delicious on the Bristol Bites Directory…

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