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Recipe: Daifukumochi Soft Rice Cakes

Dec 11, 2011
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Daifukumochi Soft Rice Cakes - recipe courtesy of Wai Yee Hong Oriental Supermarket


– 1 Cup (200ml) White Granulated Sugar
– 1 Cup (200ml) Boiling water
– 1 Cup (200ml) Glutinous Rice Flour
– 1 tbsp Wheat Starch
– Cooked Glutinous Flour to roll and coat
– Filling – such as sweet red bean paste or ice cream, prepared into small balls (if possible).

Our friend recommends using Foo Lung Ching Kee for softer and more chewy rice cakes.

Other suggested fillings:

Sesame/Peanut/Sugar filling Roast and chop peanuts, and mix with toasted sesame seeds and some sugar. Coat the rice cakes with desiccated coconut.

Ice cream Freeze balls of ice cream, on some cling film on a baking sheet, overnight. Surround with your glutinous rice pastry and return to freezer until ready to serve.

Fresh fruit If eating your mochi soon after making, you can wash and dry pieces of fruit to go inside, such as small strawberries (ichigo daifuku)!



1. Put the sugar and boiling water into a microwaveable bowl and stir until the sugar has dissolved into the water. (zap in the microwave for a few seconds if required).

2. Add the glutinous rice flour and 1 tablespoon of wheat flour to the syrup and mix together into a smooth paste. Add a drop of food colouring, if desired.

3. Put the mixture into the microwave for about 2 and a half minutes (depending on power of microwave) to cook the glutinous rice paste.

4. Remove from the microwave and mix to an even consistency. It should be a very thick, sticky paste.

5. Prepare your work surface by sifting some cooked glutinous flour onto it. You can also use this on your fingers to stop the mochi skin from sticking to your hands.

6. Using 2 spoons, create balls of the mixture. Put them onto the flour on the table.

7. Using a rolling pin, flatten the ball. When cool add your choice of filling and pinch together. Place your completed mochi into a cupcake case.


Recipe submitted by…

Wai Yee Hong Oriental Supermarket


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