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My Foodie Penpals Parcel, June 2012…

Jun 29, 2012 #Foodie Penpals
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June was the third month in which I’ve taken part in the amazing Foodie Penpals scheme – a project (for those who haven’t seen previous write ups) that involves being paired up with two food bloggers each month. One sends you a parcel of goodies, you send the other a parcel, and you end up with lots of lovely food and drink to the value of around £10 – it’s a brilliant idea, and a great way of experiencing new and exciting things that you may not otherwise have tried! If you’re interested in finding out more or taking part yourself, have a look here for more details

Sending me my parcel this month was the lovely Andrea from Made With Pink – a great blog, as she says, “comparing the differences between baking in North America and the UK, all while doing it with PINK!” Have a look if you’re a baking fan, she’s got some fantastic recipes and her photos are amazing.

I didn’t give Andrea much to go on, just telling her that I had more of a savoury than a sweet tooth, but she sent me some great items!



I’m definitely much more of a savoury than a sweet snacker, so the sweet chilli flavoured Ryvita Minis were very much appreciated!

Having said that, I do like a sweet treat from time to time…and the Jules Destrooper chocolate coated cinnamon biscuits made me smile when I saw them! I’m addicted to their Almond Thins, but hadn’t tried these before. They’re absolutely delicious – intensely sweet and with a decent amount of chocolate on the outside…I’m rationing myself to one per sitting 🙂

Thai is one of my favourite cuisines – I don’t know if Andrea had figured this out from this site or if she just guessed that I’d like the Pad Thai meal kit that she sent over, but I’m really looking forward to trying this out. Apparently she uses them all the time – all I need to do is add chicken and the rest of the ingredients are included in the pack. I already use Thai Taste’s fish sauce and Kaffir lime leaves which I really do rate, so I have high hopes for this kit!

The final item in the box was something a little different…a little tub of Cornish Sea Salt infused with garlic. Now, I have a habit of using garlic in FAR too many recipes, so this is right up my street! I reckon this would be great sprinkled over roast potatoes when they’re cooking, and I’ll definitely be using it for pasta dishes. If anyone has any other ideas, let me know…

A great parcel – thanks so much Andrea!

I sent my parcel to Angie from the Wandering Angie blog this month – if you’re interested in seeing what I sent and her reactions, click here…


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5 thoughts on “My Foodie Penpals Parcel, June 2012…”
  1. Thank you for this month’s parcel! I love it is all from Bristol. I might have to send my sister out occasionally to get me things if I know she is coming home 😉
    This one sounds fantastic too – especially the pad thai kit as I would have no idea where to start if I wanted to make one!

    1. So glad you like it! 🙂 If you need any advice on other Bristol-based excitement, let me know! 🙂

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