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My Foodie Penpals parcel, July 2012

Jul 31, 2012 #Foodie Penpals
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Another month, another Foodie Penpals parcel through the post…this time from the lovely Elise who’s also Bristol-based! Elise apparently found out about the Foodie Penpals scheme via Bristol Bites and decided to sign up, and my lovely parcel made me very happy that she did! To find out more about Foodie Penpals and how to get involved, click here…

The parcel that I received was a lovely mix of sweet and savoury, with a little note explaining each item and why she’d chosen it. You can see the contents in the picture below (sorry about the quality of the photo…!)



First up, a box of Bengal Spice tea…perfect for me as I gave up caffeine in December last year and this contains no tea whatsoever, instead being a blend of various spices. I’ll have to ask Elise where she got this from: it’s beautifully warming and comforting, and a great substitute for tea and coffee!

I don’t think Elise knew about my love of Japanese food, but the packet of wasabi peanuts that the parcel contained will also go down a treat! I’m much more of a savoury than a sweet snacker, and these’ll be perfect to get me through a long day at work.

Saying that, I’m also more than happy with the Thornton’s toffo-chocs and the apple fruit snack (similar to the US kids’ favourites, fruit roll-ups), the latter having been devoured in the office as a sweet treat this morning.

The spicy dhal mix is perfect for a nice simple evening meal, and the highlight for me has to be the jar of chilli jam that Elise managed to find! I’m amazed that she managed to find something from a local producer that I wasn’t aware of – this chilli jam is actually made and sold by the Lansdown pub in Clifton. According to one of Elise’s friends who works in the pub, the jam – along with other chutneys and jams – will soon be sold through the pub, so keep an eye out the next time you’re in there!

Thanks so much, Elise – a great parcel, and I hope you got a good one from your Foodie Penpal in return!

This month, I sent a parcel of South West goodies (not just Bristol this time) to Nina of Spencers Arc. At the time of writing, she hadn’t yet published her post, but keep checking back here to see her thoughts on what I sent her…


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2 thoughts on “My Foodie Penpals parcel, July 2012”
  1. Chili jam! Amazing, and how cool that it's from a local pub? I'm such a fan of wasabi peas, too, they are frighteningly easy to eat… Glad you got such a good parcel 😀

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