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Little Moo Ice Cream Trike to become a regular feature at College Green

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Little Moo
Picture courtesy of Print Simon.


Vee Double Moo’s Little Moo is pleased to announce that it will be trading in the College Green area this summer.

Little Moo’s ice cream trike, affectionately nicknamed Trixie and which sports a pink and white cow-print livery, is the brainchild of Vee Double Moo owner Bridget Pilkington who started selling gourmet softserve, hot chocolate and homemade cakes from a converted 1973 VW campervan in 2011.

The trike will offer a range of innovative and delicious ice cream flavours served in either a waffle cone or in a pot with a spoon if preferred. There will be a choice of nuts or sprinkles, and all topped off with a cigarillo.

“Providing delicious ice cream is an absolute joy and I am so pleased that Little Moo will be able to do this from such a central location. I have so often passed College Green on a sunny afternoon (yes, we do remember those don’t we?) and thought it would be the perfect space for the trike.

“It also works so well because there is so little litter from ice cream served in cones, and I’m pleased to say that any pots and spoons we provide will be biodegradable.”

Opening hours will be – in the spirit of street food and the British weather – unpredictable! But when the weather is cooperative, between the hours of 1pm and 6pm Wednesday to Saturday during the summer months.

For up to date information on where Little Moo or Vee Double Moo’s van Daisy can be found this summer follow on Twitter @VeeDoubleMoo or text 07554 430911.


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