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Bristol’s Beerd Brewery to Broaden Beer Brief

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Shane O'Beirne, Beerd Brewery


A new Bristol-based brewery is set to tap into the growing consumer interest in quality craft beers with a range of fresh and innovative brews.

From the people who launched the popular Beerd craft beer and pizza bar on St Michael’s Hill, the new brewery is unmistakably Bristolian and draws on an eclectic mix of influences to create distinctive, unconventional beers.

Shane O’Beirne is the experimental head brewer at the helm of Beerd. He said: “Demand for locally produced craft beer continues to rise and we want to offer drinkers something genuinely new and different. At Beerd Brewery we combine traditional British brewing techniques with unconventional ingredients to give our beers a unique flavours and a clear point of interest.

“The huge range of craft beers available in the US is a big inspiration for us. Every one of our beers is a one-off, though the most popular may become more permanent fixtures.

“To create exceptional beers you need passion and a desire to experiment – we live and breathe this approach so I’m confident what we create will offer something for discerning drinkers to really enjoy.”

The first Beerd beers to hit the pumps include Superweizen!, a Hefeweizen style beer with a banana aroma and a hint of clove; an American Brown Ale made with five malts and four hops; and Porters in a range of flavours including chilli, liquorice, vanilla, mint and almond.

An Indian Pale Ale with an intense hop flavour has also proved popular as well as the Big Small Beer, a low alcohol beer (2.8% ABV) which is ideal for a lunchtime pint and has a floral, lychee aroma.

The new Beerd Brewery is based within the expanded Bath Ales brewery between Bristol and Bath.

Roger Jones, managing director of Bath Ales, is delighted to have created the new operation: “We wanted something with its own identity which would allow us to experiment with new brews. We want people to try the Beerd Beers and judge them entirely on their merits as different and unique expressions of the brewers’ art.”

“Our focus will remain on driving forward our core range, but the Beerd Brewery is a great way to demonstrate what we are capable of and we hope and expect that it will further the move of more drinkers considering quality, flavour and authenticity in what they enjoy.”

Beerd Brewery beers are on sale now in their namesake craft and pizza bar in Bristol, and will be available in other venues across the South West.



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