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BE AT ONE: New cocktail bar opening on the Triangle on February 26

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Well-loved bar and cafe Hermanos closed its doors to the public for the last time on January 4, 2014, with a promise that they would be reopening in a new location in the near future. In its place at 55 Queens Road will be a new cocktail bar, with BE AT ONE planning on opening on Wednesday, February 26.

The opening of new bars in both Bristol and Milton Keynes will take the BE AT ONE total to 22, with most of their venues dotted around London. Their first bar in Battersea Rise was opened in 1998 by friends Steve, Rhys and Leigh, who originally met in the early 1990s while working as cocktail bartenders.

The BE AT ONE brand was created out of a realisation that “the cocktail bar industry was becoming saturated with bars which focused more on style than substance”. Picture tours of their other bars on their website give an indication as to the style, and the website also features their extensive cocktail list, which ranges from classics such as the Bellini and the Old Fashioned to more intriguing options including the Bangkok Garden Party – a combination of lemongrass and sencha tea liqueurs topped with Prosecco and Ting. For the most part, cocktails are priced at around £8 to £9 each.

Have a look at the Bristol page on the BE AT ONE website for a chance to win a bar tab, with the team’s latest blog post giving more information and the chance to attend one of the brand’s soft launches (the post says March for the soft launches, but means February!)

Wishing the BE AT ONE team the best of luck!


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